Fox Over The Air

Step 1 – Choosing The Right Over-The-Air Antenna For Your Location

The Over-The-Air signal is being broadcast from a transmitting tower, so the first thing you need to do is find the right antenna based on how far you live from that tower.

Click on this link to find the proper antenna for your location - Channel Master

Step 2 – Hooking Up The Antenna

Now that you have the right antenna, lets get it hooked up.

Plug your antenna into your TV sets “Cable/Antenna" jack via a coaxial cable.

Step 3 – Scan For Channels

To be able to view channels after the antenna is hooked up, you ‘ll need to “scan for channels.” All TVs are different in terms of scanning procedures. The following is a general guide for channel scanning, and the steps or the terminology may be different for your device.

With your TV remote press “menu” button.

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Go to “Channels”
  3. Go to “Autoscan”
  4. Press “Select” or “Enter” or “OK” to start the scan

When the device says scanning is complete accept the channels found and close the menus.

Some devices may need to be re-scanned from time to time, when they lose a broadcast signal.

Step 4 – Enjoy Fox 25/48 & MeTV Over-The-Air!