60 Days of Giving

'Tis the season to give back and today a local car dealership did just that.

  each year, Morrie’s Chippewa Valley Mazda and mega co-op select deserving families and surprises them by donating a car and gas for a year.

Photographer Jeff ralph takes us to Cornell for the surprise that will make the season brighter for the Abbate family



We didn’t know what was going on at the time. We thought at first, he had an ulcer when he went to see the doctor and then they looked inside with a scope and found out he has some kind of mass inside of his stomach and then the doctor told him he has cancer in his stomach


You see someone that’s such a good guy go through something like this that you just feel for them when it comes up you want to do something


He took the car with him and then we found out it was going to be a few months and now I’m stuck without the car


It’s always emotional to me because you get stuck in your world that’s perfect and you can get mad because someone made my coffee the wrong way, but you really get up here and you find out that people have a need


This is a huge help


I couldn’t even concentrate on doing my work I was bugging her all day


Are you Elena? Are you on facetime right now?

Hey Luke, how are you doing today?


We are coming up here just to see if you wanted to buy a car today


The fact that you can take a set of keys and put it in their hands and give them some hope back or in this situation have a chance to go and see their family again and help them get a path to wellness. It’s very touching.


Only in Cornell could this happen


You only get to park on the sidewalk this one time


“this will help a lot because we will have a second car and I can go see my husband.”


“I’m just excited for them. It takes a weight off their shoulders which I’m glad to do.”


“all people in Cornell that are helping out and bringing meals they are giving us some money and gift cards and toys for the kids they have been amazing. They have helped us. It’s a great little town.”

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