8th Annual Log Rolling Tournament

World class log rollers will be going foot-to-foot in the Three Rivers Roleo log rolling tournament this weekend. Jessica Bringe has a preview of the event from Onalaska.
In its 8th year, the Three Rivers Roleo log rolling tournament continues to grow. This is the second largest tournament next to the world championships so this is a big deal for the athletes. Tournament director Katie Rick says world class athletes as well as local rollers will compete in Onalaska.
“We have 22 professional log rollers coming to town, seven of the top eight men will compete along with four former world- champion women at the Great River Landing.” 
Rick says it's a fitting place to celebrate the city's history.
“Onalaska was founded as a lumbering city and so we are on a site where it was originally a saw mill.”
Rick says the seasoned log rollers will compete on wooden logs with spiked shoes while the amateur competitors will compete on cloth logs but she says no matter which the competitors use, it takes a significant amount of skill.
“What it takes to be a log roller - focus, balance, quick feet.”
Fifteen-year-old Connor Birdsong will be putting his skills to the test in the under 17 division this Saturday. Specifically his splashing ability.
“It's legal to splash your opponent and try to get them in the eyes to blind them for a little bit so you can get them off the log earlier.”
Birdsong says his ten years of log rolling has taught him to use his abilities wisely.
“It makes you more vulnerable to fall off if you do it because they can like, kick the log they can move it very fast while you only have one foot on the log and knock you in sometimes.”
They’re skills - seven year old competitor Calvin Rick is just starting to learn.
”You should be like fast.”
It’s an event Rick says is great for competitors and the community alike.
“This is a hometown tournament for the kids here but if you're just a community member it gives you a great way to celebrate the history of Onalaska, come down to a gorgeous site, enjoy the fresh air and being outside.
In Onalaska - Jessica Bringe fox 25/48 News at Nine.
The event takes place at the Great River Landing in Onalaska. Professional competition starts at 11 in the morning Saturday. Parking is available at the bicycle trail lot off highway 35.

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