A 1950's Christmas In Sparta

The Monroe County History Room is knee deep in the holiday spirit. Tonight, in our hometown holidays report, Fox 25/48's Zach Prelutsky tells us about the exhibit that can take you back in time.


Back in 1950 gas was 30 cents a gallon and minimum wage was 75 cents an hour. While you're not going to be able to get a gallon of milk for under 20 cents anymore you can still step back in time to that era.


At the Monroe County Local History Room, their latest Christmas exhibit is bringing people back in time.


"Whether you grew up in the 1950's or you didn't, you grew up in the modern area.  Coming to see an exhibit like this is going to trigger something in you. It's going to trigger you to say, 'oh I had something like that' or 'that reminds me of my Christmas.'  And all the sudden you are connecting to a past that you weren't part of originally, but you can see how our minds and our past experiences can bridge just by looking at something, just by hearing something that we all can connect to the past in that way."


But it's not easy to get all the details down from a time nearly 70 years ago. The museum interviewed numerous people to give an authentic 1950's feel to the Christmas display.


Right down from the old Mister Potato Head to the tree covered in tinsel. And those who have lived through it, say the museum did a great job.


For the museum director, Jarrod Roll, he's just happy to bring back memories for those who visit.


"So, my favorite part of this exhibit is more being a purveyor of nostalgia and helping people reach back to the best time of their life when they were kids during the holidays. What a privilege that is to be able to do that."


Roll says they hope to be able to continue showcasing different eras in the future, maybe even as far back as the turn of the 20th century.


If you're looking to get a taste of the 1950's holiday spirit the exhibit is open Mondays thru Saturdays until January 13th.


In Sparta, Zach Prelutsky, Fox 25/48 First News at Nine.

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