Massive California Wildfires Continue

Destructive wildfires in California's history have killed 21 people. The fires continue to burn across large parts of northern California’s wine country. Fox News correspondent Ellison Barber has more from Napa County.


The National Weather Service issued a "red flag" warning, the highest warning they can issue, meaning that conditions are extremely favorable to fires. This as thousands of homes and businesses have already been destroyed by over a dozen fires.


These farmers in Napa are trying to quickly move their cattle away from growing fires. They can’t get all of them. Some livestock has to be left behind. Their owners hope they find their own way to safer areas.


"We're trying to get the cattle out this hill right here, but, looks like we're just gonna have to cut fences and let them run wherever they can."


"We're down here to move horses, llamas, dogs, whatever, so, just to save the animals."


Flames began racing across California’s wine country Sunday night. By Monday morning, there were dozens of fires in Napa and Sonoma counties and coastal areas further north.  The fires are wiping out entire communities, leaving behind little more than smoldering ashes. In some areas where home used to stand, all that's left are brick chimneys and laundry machines.


"There were embers everywhere and the wind was just crazy. And, there was this huge roar of the flames, and that's when I knew. You're out of here."


With no rain in the forecast this week -- and, a chance of wind gusts up to forty miles-per-hour, officials say the weather will create even more challenges for firefighters.


President Trump signed a major disaster declaration to provide federal aid to the state of California and the areas impacted by these wildfires. Vice president Mike Pence announced it yesterday. He said the money will help with debris removal as well as search and rescue.


In Napa County, I’m Ellison Barber, Fox News.

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