Wisconsin Governor Candidate's Forum In Eau Claire

Several candidates in the running for the governor's job are looking to convince local voters they're right for the job. A group of democrats vying for the Wisconsin governor's spot faced off this morning in Eau Claire.


Fox 25/48's Tajma Hall tells us more about the issues these candidates say our state is facing.


"Up until 10 years ago, we were known for honest government and clean water. Now we're known for corrupt government and dirty water."


One by one.


"The experience I’ve had of beating three incumbents, including a right-wing mayor of Madison back in 1973."


Seven different candidates faced-off. All democrats hoping to become the next governor of Wisconsin. Each addressing a packed auditorium of community members on why they're the right fit for the job.  Not all candidates were in the area today with candidate Kelda Roys participated by video conference.


Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a non-profit organization focused on social justice, hosted Saturday’s event.


"We know there's a large number of candidates running and there's a reason for that. Obviously, there's a concern that what's currently leading our state isn't working and there wants to be change. So, we're excited to be able to present those candidates to people in Eau Claire."


The forum gave the community the chance to hear directly from candidates about key issues focused on in their campaigns. Discussion topics ranged from economic development to education and health care.


"People are hungry for change and they want to hear from the candidates. That's exactly the way it ought to be."


"There should never be a time where a senior has to choose between getting their prescription drugs fills and paying their mortgage or their rent so there's a lot of things we need to work on in the state and we can do better."


Many candidates challenging Gov. Walker's time in office.


"His policies are focused on making sure that people at the very top of economic pyramid get all the benefits of this society. People have had enough. It’s time for a change and that change is coming."


"Gov. Walker more importantly I think is kind of checked out of the state. What he's interested in right now is special interest."


The Republican Party of Wisconsin is responding to the day's democrat forum with a statement reading in part, "While democrats struggle to sell voters on more of the same failed policies of yesterday, the Governor is focused on real results and getting positive things done for Wisconsin."


Reporting from Eau Claire, Tajma Hall, Fox 25/48's First News at Nine.

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