Double Homicide Investigation Team Coverage

In our continuing team coverage, deputies were able to find Wayne Price after they were called to an incident at the Fall Creek fire station, six days after Lisa Price and David Dishneau were killed.

Here's Fox 25/48's Jesse Horne.

The 12-page criminal complaint goes into detail involving the sequence of events which led us to today. That includes what happened here the afternoon of September 29th.

According to the complaint, three deputies approached a truck in this parking lot when they noticed a fight breaking out in the truck's front seats. It says a friend of Wayne Price was trying to stop him from cutting himself with a knife, trying to take his own life.

Three women -- including Price's wife -- were in the back of the truck at the time and were able to get out.

Deputies had to use a taser and bean bag rounds on Wayne for him to stop cutting himself so they could get him medical attention. Price was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

After interviewing him there and speaking with family members, deputies were able to connect him to the murders.

Now, as we said, Price is currently being held in the Eau Claire County Jail on a 1- million-dollar cash bond. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Reporting in Fall Creek, Jesse Horne, Fox 25/48 News at Nine.

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