Superintendent Tony Evers Enters Governor Race

The state school superintendent is entering the race to become Wisconsin’s next governor. Superintendent Tony Evers made the announcement today at McKee Farms Park in Fitchburg.

Evers is the third democrat to commit to running in the race and the first statewide office holder to go up against current republican Governor Scott Walker.

Evers says his years of experience in leading schools in Wisconsin make him the best candidate for the democratic party.

He's also pledging to end the divisiveness across the state, which he says is happening under GOP leadership.

"Make no mistake folks, Donald Trump is using the same play books that Scott Walker has been using in Wisconsin for years... to create divisions and put people against each other and we know it's called divide and conquer."

Earlier this week, Governor Walker said he plans to announce his re-election bid in the next month or two.

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