The Salvation Army's Feed the Kids Program Provides Meals to Kids

With summer arriving, some children lose access to the meals they would get at schools. Fox 25/48's Zach Prelutsky tells us about how some local organizations are helping feed the kids through the summer.


School is out, but when school ends for the summer, for some kids so does easy access for meals. That's why some local organizations are launching their summer meals program starting today.


"You know we really worry about kids when school isn't in session and so it's so important for kids to have proper nutrition to have them be fun and active during the summer and really learn during the school year.  There's more and more research about how important nutrition is for kids and we just want to make sure that's available to families."


One of those programs is the Feed the Kid’s initiative from the Salvation Army.


"When you get out of the car or van or wherever you are, and the kids come out of their houses and they kind of say hi and they smile and you're there to give them something to eat.  And its summer and they're happy, it's just a lot of lines crossed and a lot of good things happening all at once."


They serve around 300 meals a day.


"I'm at parks and rec and I just got lunch from Salvation Army and I think it's really nice of them to bring lunch for us, so we are provided with lunch.  And it's really good and healthy."


But one organization cannot provide meals for all the kids in need in La Crosse.


"We try and make sure that we're covering every area of need, so if the school district can’t go to a particular place, the Salvation Army might take their mobile meals.  So, you know we collaborate with all these different community organizations to make sure we're helping kids."


Any child 18 years or younger is eligible for a free meal through the programs. A list of locations is available on the school district and Salvation Army's websites.


In La Crosse, Zach Prelutsky, Fox 25/48 News at Nine.

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