Elk Mound Police Chief Resigns

An area police chief is resigning from his part-time position saying working for the village wasn't what he expected. This morning, Elk Mound police chief Travis Hakes emailed a copy of his resignation letter.

In the letter, he didn't give a date for his resignation but says starting May 3rd he will only handle emergencies that threaten life and security in the village.

Former village president Tom Gilbert says Hakes moved to the village with the intention of creating a full-time police chief position.

But Hakes say quote "personal feelings may be hindering the growth of our department."

"He couldn’t be here as often as we wanted necessarily but it was all created by the parameters that we set. He was criticized by not being here as much as he wanted but then we sort of made the rules."

Hakes says in April he accepted a full-time officer position with the Chetek police department

Hakes was appointed to the village of nearly 900 people in June of 2013

The current village president told Fox 25/48 the board had a meeting scheduled tonight and will hopefully decide on the next steps.

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