Interview With Driftless Area Documentary Producers

This week, Fox 25/48 is counting down to Earth Day by featuring community members doing their part to help the environment. It's all leading up to Saturday, when we'll air "Mysteries Of The Driftless", a documentary about the region much of our viewing area lives in.

Erin O'Brien explains more about the film and what the producers have in store next.

Do you know what the Driftless Region is? Or why it's called that?"

"It exists right here in between four states: Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota."

Tim Jacobson and George Howe were on a mission to answer those questions when they produced "Mysteries Of The Driftless" in 2013.

"So many people have lived here their whole life and they don't know why we have bluffs, why we have the river valley, why we have springs flowing out of every coulee. There would be caves and archeological features, rare plants and animals, and so we felt it was really important to capture that on film and to share that with people."

They worked with the Mississippi Valley Conservancy and a film-making group called Untamed Science to produce the half-hour documentary solving mysteries of sinkholes, springs, and cave art throughout the area.

"Most people have no clue that this is in here."

The documentary won a regional Emmy in 2014.

"We show it to school kids, we show it to older folks, and people. Their curiosity is peaked and they're really amazed and there's a sense of pride that people have in this amazing beautiful landscape we live in."

And there's more in store for them. The producers say they couldn't fit everything they wanted into the first film so now they're working on a feature length film on the same topic. They're hoping to release "Decoding The Driftless" at the end of this year or beginning of next year... all in an effort to celebrate and sustain the Driftless Region.

"I want people to develop a greater sense of local pride in knowing that they live in this wonderful, beautiful, special, and diverse place. We want people to just appreciate this amazing landscape and realize all the incredible things that are here."

In La Crosse, Erin O'Brien, Fox 25/48 News at Nine.

Fox 25/48 will be airing "Mysteries Of The Driftless" this Saturday at 6:30 PM.

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