La Crosse Police Investigate Drug Kits

La Crosse Police Investigate Drug Kits

La Crosse police say a convenience store has been selling drug pipe kits under the code name "brown bag special."

According to a spokesman for the department, the Citgo on state road on the city's south side has been selling pipes and copper scrubbers in a brown paper bag to those who ask for it.

Those items are then able to be used to consume illegal drugs like meth. Investigators were able to purchase one for about four dollars.

Police say it is legal for the store to sell these items it only becomes illegal once the drug is introduced.

What is alarming to us is that one of the local 3 convenience stores took it upon themselves to create something that they called the brown bag special and put these two items together that when put together they really function for one purpose and one purpose only and that is the consumption of illegal drugs.


We reached out to the Citgo store but it declined to comment.

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