La Crosse Rotary Lights

La Crosse Rotary Lights

The 22nd year of rotary lights in La Crosse are just a couple days away.

Things will kick off on Friday evening at five p-m with a parade through downtown La Crosse, followed by fireworks.

Then Santa Claus will make an appearance to help switch on the millions of lights in riverside park.

This year's rotary lights include lots of new light display, and for the first time ever, an ice skating rink.

Volunteers have been setting up since October.

We have over 110 nonprofit organizations that are involved with it this year, 3,000 volunteers that help put up, take down, fix, repair, maintain and so on. We're very fortunate. It's a total community activity and I'm not sure many other communities could do it.

The rotary lights run every day through December 31st, including Christmas and Christmas eve.

A programming reminder. Beginning next Monday, November 28th, fox 25-48's Erin O’Brien will begin week long reports called home for the holidays... Featuring holiday related stories from around western Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota.

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