River Falls Company Microchips Employees

A western Wisconsin company is offering its employees a perk they say will take their workers into the future. Three Square Market in River Falls began microchipping employees today.
The company held a "chip party" for employees getting the microchip embedded in their hand. With the microchip, they'll be able to open doors, log onto their computers, use the copy machine, and even buy snacks in the break room.
The chip is about the size of a grain of rice, and gets implanted into the hand using a syringe.
The implantation process takes less than a minute.
One local physician says the process is relatively safe.
"I think as these near-field communication devices get more secure, and as they develop more uses that we might see more of this in the feature.  In general, I do think this is a safe procedure."
The company says more than 50 of its 85 employees volunteered to be microchipped.

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