Neighbors Worried About Sex Offender Placement

A sex offender from La Crosse County is moving into a new neighborhood and Rock County community members are very concerned. Beloit Police say Steven Schuelke of La Crosse County is a serious child sex offender, convicted of sexually assaulting a child 13-years and younger.

Schuelke's case includes three sexual assaults involving 12, 14, and 15-year-old girls. He also was committed for treatment as a sexually violent person two years ago.

The reason many neighbors are concerned is that Schuelke’s new home is next door to a family who has a teenage girl.

The Beloit Police chief says it’s a loophole in the system.

"About the time we got the notice, within a day of that the judge was already making the decision to place the individual there. Obviously they're less than concerned about the safety in Beloit."   

Beloit's known as the 'gateway to Wisconsin.' Police worry it will become a gateway for sex offenders. 

The Department of Health Services says supervised release is safer for the community than direct discharge of a patient without any supervision at all. DHS says homelessness, poverty, and unemployment increase the risk someone will re-offend if they don't have support or supervision. 

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