Old Style "Oktoberfest" Brew

Good news if you like Old Style beer. The limited edition Old Style "Oktoberfest" brew is coming back again for a second season. The La Crosse Oktoberfest royal family got a first taste of it today, at City Brewery, where it will be made.

Last year, the brew was the first new product from Old Style in fifteen years. It's set to hit store shelves again on July 31st in stores across the Midwest. The brewers say they've made a few small changes to the taste since last year.

"It's got a real rich smooth malt flavor from our German imported malt and then it's got a noble hop character. We use imported hops for this and then we also dry hop the beer with imported hops."

After their celebration at City Brewery, the royal family hopped onto a horse drawn carriage and delivered a pack of the beer to La Crosse's mayor at city hall.

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