Possible Boat Landing For Riverside Park

The city of La Crosse is known for its tourism industry and much of it revolves around the Mississippi Giver. Now, city officials say a new boat landing in Riverside Park could bring even more tourists the area. Tonight Fox 25/48's Erin O’Brien explains how soon the landing could be built and what it would mean for the city.
Despite the gloomy weather, La Crosse city leaders are looking ahead to warmer temperatures and the chance to add a new boat landing near riverside park. 
Parks and recreation director Steve Carlyon says that Viking Cruise Lines reached out to the city hoping to make La Crosse one its docking sites for a new cruise from St. Louis to Minneapolis. 
"In order to accommodate this boat that's got 450 people on it -- it's a large boat -- they need a specialized docking system to where they can pull up to it, offload their passengers, and then actually bring them back on."
The project would also include a transient boat dock for individual boaters to pull up. 
Now, the city is moving forward with a study to figure out where it would go and how much it could cost. And with this cruise being an overnight stop, it could help boost the local economy, per the La Crosse county convention and visitor’s bureau. 
"There's no doubt that the impact will be huge for the area for people to be able to utilize those slips and those docks and be able to come up and partake in the activities that are going on at the park but also downtown La Crosse."
"What we find is once people visit here they have a tendency to come back. "
The parks department expects the study to be completed this summer and for the landing to be operational in 2019.
In La Crosse, Erin O'Brien, Fox 25 / 48 News at Nine.

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