Preparing For Deer Hunting Season In Eau Claire County

One of Wisconsin’s favorite past-times is almost here. We're counting down to gun deer season, but for hunters in part of Eau Claire County there's something you need to know if you haven't bought your tags yet.


Amanda Tyler is here to share the reasoning behind that decision to only let hunters bag a buck this gun deer season.


The time for a beloved Wisconsin tradition is almost here and Chris Nelson has his blaze orange ready for the weekend.


"More people in Wisconsin look forward to this than they do Christmas."


Nelson was one of many hunters at the DNR's service center in Eau Claire this afternoon getting his tags for the gun deer season.


For hunters in Eau Claire County, getting a tag for hunting this year comes with some restrictions. This year the eastern part of Eau Claire County joins Ashland, Iron, and Vilas counties in being buck only zones.


That means hunters won't be able to take home an antlerless deer this year unless they're a disabled, youth, or active military hunter.


DNR wildlife biologist Bill Hogseth says the move was made by the Eau Claire County deer advisory council to help grow the herd.


"Data from previous years and population estimates and harvest results and they determined that the population growth that was happening at that part of the county was not what they wanted."


Hogseth says the advisory council will likely could keep the rule in place for the next gun deer season too if deer numbers don't increase.


"They are looking at it on a year to year basis and they are looking at it and analyzing forest regeneration, agriculture damage, vehicle collisions, hunter surveys."


Hunters like Nelson say they're on board with the move to grow the herd to keep the tradition of hunting alive and well for the future generations.


"I don't think there are half as many deer out there as they say there are. You don't see them at least."


The gun deer season runs from November 18th through the 26th. The DNR says buck only tags are good for statewide use, allowing hunters to have flexibility to use it where needed.  


Amanda Tyler, Fox 25/48 First News at Nine.

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