Reaction to Florida Trump Rally

President Trump continues his tirade against the media and vice President Mike Pence meets with world leaders. Fox News correspondent Garrett Tenney has the details.
Reaction poured in today to President Trump's rally in Florida where he once again attacked the media, calling them "fake news."
"This is something that you hear tin-pot dictators say when they want to control all of the information. It's not something you've hear a President of the United States say."
Not everyone is sticking to party lines with the president's attacks on the press though. 
Meanwhile Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Belgium where he'll meet with leaders from the European Union and NATO. The vice president reassured world leaders that the United States would stand behind NATO, but reiterated President Trump's concerns that not all members of the transatlantic alliance are pulling their weight.
Currently only 5 of the 28 NATO nations spend the required amount on defense based on 2016 numbers provided by NATO.
In Washington, Garrett Tenney, Fox News.

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