La Crosse School Referendum

The school district of La Crosse is asking taxpayers to vote on a more than 4 million-dollar operating referendum. In just over two weeks people all around the state will be checking off their ballots.


For those that live in La Crosse, one of the questions taxpayers will have to answer involves the school district of La Crosse.


The referendum would give 4.175 million dollars a year for the next five years to the district. The same referendum has passed on the previous two ballots passing with 53 percent in 2008 and 67 percent in 2014. If this year's referendum passes for the third time, taxes would stay the same. But if it fails, taxes would go down, which some people around La Crosse say would be a good thing, but it would also force cuts of existing staff in the district.


The money would be used to keep class sizes down, upgrade technology in the schools, an well as keeping up building maintenance.


There will be two informational meetings on the referendum: one Saturday morning at Central High and one Thursday, March 22nd at Logan High School.

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