Sewing Needles Found In Candy In Arcadia

Police in Arcadia are asking for your help after sewing needles were found in a child's trick or treat Halloween candy. Fox 25-48's Noelle Anderson has more. Two sewing needles were found inside an Arcadia child's candy Tuesday after going out for a night of trick-or-treating.

"We received a phone call from a concerned parent. He called me and stated that his child had gone through their candy and had started to eat it and when they had bitten into it they had seen in the Kit Kat that there was a needle in it. In the meantime they had gone through some other candy in his bag and had found a second item that had a second needle in it as well."

Arcadia Police Chief Diana Anderson says the department is still looking into where the candy was given out.

"I asked them specific locations and areas within the city that they went and according to the individual they pretty much went all around town to our main trick-or-treating spots downtown and up in our Wilson Avenue area. They were everywhere and we cannot pinpoint at this time exactly where."

Because police don't know exactly where the candy came from, they are asking parents to be cautious and comb through their child's candy closely or throw it all away.

The Arcadia School District is also sending out a word of caution to families.

"As we got the information we put on our Facebook page and mass alert page and hopefully that message will get to everybody and they'll prevent anything from happening to their children."

But the community is still in shock that something like this could happen.

"I was actually a little taken back that it happened in this community. I hope in the future this doesn't happen again."

In Arcadia, Noelle Anderson, Fox 25-48 News at Nine.

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