Showing Support for Veterans In The Chippewa Valley

Veterans Day saw locals supporting current troops, remembering the fallen, and thanking those who dedicated their lives to serving our country. Fox 25/48's Brooke Schweiters has more on how the community came together for this special day.

A day to honor and remember.

"And I know I lost two friends over there, so these are the kind of days that I remember those guys quite a bit."

People of the Chippewa Valley banded together on Veterans Day to celebrate those who dedicated their lives to serve our country.

"We need to be reminded sometimes, this reminds us about, think that veteran, give them a hug, see if you can help them."

In Chippewa Falls, volunteers came together to put together care packages which will be sent to troops serving now.

"Even though it's just very simple just sending a little bit of Chippewa to them, we think that it helps them get through the holidays."

And at a ceremony at Northstar Middle School the fallen were remembered.

"Well this is the time to remember, not only all of those that have served, but remembering their families, remembering those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. It's a family, so having all of the other veterans from all the other services, all the other times of service, so you get to share stories, you just feel like you are a part of something."

"The support, the fellowship and the hugs."

For the community to say thank you.

"It's great on these patriotic days when people you know, want to thank a veteran, so that is just part of the holiday, I think thinking a veteran every day, just like living a good life… having integrity and honor and current isn't a military trade only, it's part of being a good citizen in our community."

"Please don't forget your veterans. If you see one today give them a hug and tell them thank you for their service, that's the important thing."

In Eau Claire, Brooke Schweiters, Fox 25/48 First News at Nine.

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