La Crosse Area Teen Sex Assault Survey

The past few weeks numerous politicians and entertainers around the country have been accused of sexual misconduct. Fox 25/48's Zach Prelutsky tells us how a report shows that the problem also hits close to home.


Within recent weeks, there have been allegations of sexual misconduct made against people in the entertainment industry like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and in the political world such as Roy Moore and Al Franken.


When over 1500 high schoolers in the La Crosse area were asked for the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, "Have you ever been forced, either verbally or physically, to take part in sexual activity," one out of every eight females said yes.


"I’m kind of shocked that it is that high, but at the same time we know that there's those sorts of issues kind of going on and kind of all over the place."


When the survey was done back in 2015, 11.4 percent of female students answered yes, compared to 12.2 percent this time around.


Officials say sexual assault is a problem that doesn't discriminate against age, gender, or anything else.


"A parent said to me on Sunday it's really never too early to sit down and start talking to my son and also to my daughter about this.  I think sometimes we think to ourselves our child is only in high school or in middle school and that's too early.  I don't know when it's too early, but I think we're on the side of waiting too long as opposed to starting early with that conversation."


The survey is given every two years and the questions are developed by the CDC.


"For La Crosse County we ask each school district. They have a survey coordinator who takes care of that and the response rate varies depending on the school but usually we get a pretty good response rate. I think overall for the county it was like 65 percent this last time, so it's a large enough sample to generalize back to the whole population."


According to the DOJ, 1 in 5 female high school students nationally said they were abused by a partner back in 2012.


In La Crosse, Zach Prelutsky, Fox 25/48 First News at Nine.

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