Todd Kendhammer Trial Continues in La Crosse

A year ago, today Todd Kendhammer was arrested in connection with the death of his wife, Barbara Kendhammer. He initially told deputies she was killed by a pipe that fell off a truck and went through their windshield and struck her in the head and neck area.


Today during day three of the trial in La Crosse County Court, the state called nine witnesses, including two who Kendhammer says were involved in a job he claims he was on his way to at the time of the incident. 


Other witnesses included an investigator with the sheriff's department and former co-workers of Barbara.


Medical examiner Dr. Kathleen McCubbin, who performed the autopsy, was also on the stand for more than two hours testifying about her report.


"When you completed the autopsy, did you have an opinion as to the cause of Barbara Kendhammer's death?"


"Yes, I did."


"And what was that?"


"The cause of Barbara Kendhammer’s death were blunt impact injuries to her head and neck."


Dr. McCubbin also testified she discovered Barbara suffered a fracture around her trachea, which suggests there was strangulation or a strike to the neck.


Testimony resumes Thursday morning at 8:30.

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