Train Carrying GOP Members Hits Truck

At least one person is dead and another seriously injured following an Amtrak crash, in rural Virginia, outside of Charlottesville. The train carrying dozens of GOP lawmakers at the time of the accident.

Fox News correspondent Lauren Blanchard has more.

A chaotic scene after an Amtrak train transporting republican lawmakers to a policy retreat in west Virginia crashed. Passengers reporting they felt a "tremendous jolt." 

"The shock of the collision was such that you weren't braced for it, and it was fairly severe, and that threw a lot of people's heads into the seats. The people that were in the aisle fell down."

The chartered train was carrying dozens of republican congress members, their staff, and families when it slammed into a dump truck, in Crozet, Virginia.

According to passengers, the train was going about 70 miles per hour when the collision occurred.

Capitol and GOP doctors and nurses sprang into action attending to the injured, including the three people who were inside the severed dump truck.

They performed CPR on one person for several minutes before he died from his injuries. Another was in critical condition and taken to the hospital, and the third was able to walk to an ambulance.

Lewis says, ”Once the train finally came to a stop, you could look out the window and see the overturned truck. It was a mess. It got hit pretty severely. I'm not surprised there is a fatality."

House speaker Paul Ryan was one of the train passengers. He was not hurt and updated the president on the accident.

Most of those injured by the impact suffered head and neck injuries. About a half dozen people were taken to area hospitals, including Minnesota representative Jason Lewis, who is undergoing standard concussion protocol.

The train has returned to Charlottesville and the lawmakers are being taken to the retreat on buses.

Congressional leadership has decided to proceed with the retreat. It will go on with an adjusted program including a moment of prayer for those involved in the crash.

In Crozet, Virginia, Lauren Blanchard, Fox News.

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