Volunteers Build Playground for Local Club

Over one hundred volunteers from around the community came together to give kids a safe space to play, learn and grow. Fox 25/48's Brooke Schweiters shares how this special project came to life.

"I have to admit to you that I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes. This is so amazing.”

For years, the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Chippewa Valley was missing something.

"I have been with this club for 11 years and since day one we have always dreamed of having a playground with green space and today that dream finally came true.”

Thanks to the leadership of KaBOOM! -- a non-profit organization that promotes active play -- along with a local funding partner to build playgrounds.

“United Healthcare is a supporter of active healthy lifestyles and fighting childhood obesity so the Boys and Girls Club was such a deserving partner for this $85,000 playground grant in order to make the playground dream a reality, the Boys and Girls Club turned to the community."

Over one hundred volunteers joined forces today to create nine play pieces, move 155 cubic yards of mulch to create a brand-new play space for the Boys and Girl’s Club in believe it or not, just six hours. 

"Something like this is something I’ve never done. It's interesting to see what goes behind putting something like this together and all the ins and outs and it's been a very fun experience.”

And the design of the playground has a story of its own.

"I met with some kids from the Boys and Girls Club and we had them draw out their dream playgrounds, making this play place one a one of a kind. This playground specifically gives us an opportunity to share this with all of our members. We have over 700 members right now and each of these members will have the opportunity to get their energy out and gives us the opportunity to teach them about nutrition and staying active and healthy lifestyles and how important it is."

The park will be unveiled to Boys and Girls Club members Monday and they can start playing on Tuesday.

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