Chica is a typical goofy, energetic and vocal husky mix looking for an active owner who has plenty of time to dedicate to her daily exercise needs.

She was still working on her house training in her previous home so her new owner will need to be patient and provide her with a consistent routine and frequent bathroom breaks to start. We highly recommend utilizing a crate for times when she is not supervised to help aid in her training.

Chica has lived with cats previously and did well but does tend to play rougher with them. Any cats in her new home should be dog savvy. She hasn’t had much interaction with other dogs but with a proper introduction, we feel she would do well in a home with a tolerant dog. Because Chica tends to guard resources (food and toys) she is looking for an adult-only home. Her owner should be prepared to manage and work with these behaviors.

This young girl is full of silly puppy energy and will be sure to keep you entertained! She is stubborn and sassy and will tell you all about her feelings! Winter is Chica’s favorite season. She loves to run, play and roll around in the snow! She would love to find a home with a fenced-in yard where she can safely run and play to her heart’s content.

Chica is 1 year old and weighs 49 pounds.