I am a lovely princess, therefore I have been named Cinder!

When I came to the shelter, I gave birth to 6 kittens that very day because I knew I was finally safe. My friends often tell me I am a good mom. I do agree, but my kittens are now starting their own lives and I want to too! You will find me quite mellow.

Best guess is that I’m not even two years old yet, so there’s plenty of life to live but I am so over the kitten shenanigans. I will probably need a slow, proper introduction to any other furbabies you may have because I’m just not familiar.

I’m sure they’ll like me, so we’ll just need time. One of my most favorite pastimes is looking out windows and watching all the birds and rabbits pass by. Of course, I also enjoy snuggles while watching TV with my foster mom so I’m sure to like it with you too. I’ve received many compliments on my soft fur…I dare you to pet me. As soon as you do, you’ll love me! Please call my friends at LAR to try my fur and see me in person.

Call 508-895-2066 and tell them Cinder sent you. Thank you.