FOSTER UPDATE: Tater has settled into his foster home marvelously! He’s really smitten with the teenagers in the house and spends a lot of time lounging wherever they are. While there was hissing at the resident dog at first, Tater would be in the same room with him by day 3.

The fifth day, Tater was lying within arm’s reach of his canine foster brother so foster mom could pet both at the same time. Tater also spent time in LAR’s main cat room with other cats. Everyone needs adjustment, but Tater has proven to be pretty flexible. LOVES pets and brushing, will greet you with a meow and call for you when he knows you’re near – but doesn’t walk around the house meowing all hours of the day/night. He is very pleasant to have around!

How you doin’ Tater?
I’m alright but I wish I was in a furever home. Are you looking for an affectionate cat that has grown from the crazy kitten stage? Not to toot my own horn, but that’s me! They call me Tater. I would make good company for you, since I like to “talk”. I also possess that typical feline trait of curiosity. All in all, I’m a pretty mellow cat who thoroughly enjoys looking out windows. Especially when there is warm sun and wild critters or birds to watch. I arrived at the rescue with a bad cut on one of my hips. The vet said I most likely experienced some trauma there, but my daily dose of Cosequin has made my limp disappear and I feel SO much better! Now I can even tear around the house after the humans give me some of that catnip!

Feel free to give my friends at LAR a call to arrange a time to get to know me. You won’t be disappointed! 507-895-2066 and ask for Tater.