Unique Friendship Of Goodwill Employee

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Most of us don’t think twice about the sales associates in stores helping us make purchases.
But tonight, fox 25/48’s Erin O’Brien has the story of an unlikely friendship formed between a blind shopper and a helpful employee at a La Crosse goodwill store.

Every time George Wilson comes to the La Crosse goodwill store, he’s greeted by the same familiar voice.

“Hi George!
Hey Taylor, how are you?”

Taylor Devenport has worked at goodwill for five years, and has never had quite a bond like the one she has with George.

“I come in and they usually have someone help me shop and one day the lady they set me up with was Taylor. And Taylor’s very helpful, she’s always been very helpful to show me where things are in the store.”

“He was just looking for things to shop for, and I was just walking around with him, got to know him really well, and we just became friends after that.”

And every time after that day, George always asks for Taylor’s help around the store.

“We joke around, and she knows pretty much everything that I’m looking for. She’ll ask me first do you want to go to the clearance rack, I’ll say yes.”

“He likes to look at the clearance rack.”

“Then back in sporting goods looking for weights and weight plates and so forth.”

“And then he likes looking at the dumbbells.”

“She pretty much knows what I come in and look for.”

George says he’s been coming to this goodwill to see Taylor for two years now, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

“Taylor is exceptional in that she goes above and beyond what a lot of sales associates will do. She takes the time to find items and she’ll also suggest items that might substitute what I’m looking for if they don’t have exactly what I’m looking for. She takes a lot of time and she has a great deal of patience.”

But Taylor’s philosophy is simple:

“I want to be treated when I walk in a store the same way I treat my customers. I want them to feel happy.”

In La Crosse, Erin O’Brien Fox 25 48 News at 9.

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