Local woman makes free face masks for people in community, country


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending Americans wear face masks in public to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

One local woman is making sure everyone who is in need of a face mask, can get one.

Brygit Steinhorst has been busy making free face masks.

“With the shortage of masks being provided to facilities and people, I just decided to start making them,” said Steinhorst.

The Boyd resident is giving away face masks for free to people all over the country. Steinhorst says she has sent masks to people in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas and Florida.

“I’m giving them to anybody that needs them and then I’m always trying sending extra so they can distribute as needed and I send extra kids ones as well,” said Steinhorst.

Steinhorst works as a Certified Nursing Assistant, but currently is not working because of COVID-19. She says she is using her free time to make the face masks.

To spread the word, Steinhorst created a Facebook group where people can request free face masks.

“It’s called ‘Saving the world, one mask at a time!’ So, I post everyday different materials that I bought and then I have everybody just share the page and I put a little note with the masks saying, you know share the page and hashtag ‘all for masks’ and then word gets around like that,” Steinhorst said.

Steinhorst said she has already made over 1,200 masks and is seeing a lot of support from the community.

“People have insisted on donating so I just use the money from that to go back into my materials and supplies.”

Using the materials to make safe and clean masks, Steinhorst says she dries the masks on high heat, without touching them before she delivers or sends them. She says the masks go straight into a plastic bag after she dissinfects them.

Steinhorst says she has three kids of her own and she hopes to make a difference in these uncertain times, one mask at a time.

“I hope that this helps. I know that it won’t stop it altogether, but I do hope that is helping like not only adults, but kids as well from getting sick because they need to be protected too,” said Steinhorst.

If you or anyone you know is in need, you can go to Steinhorst’s Facebook group.

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