KENDALL Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – This week, we’re starting a new County by County series, this time focusing on what makes Monroe County unique. Today, we meet one couple putting their woodworking skills to the test in the hopes of putting smiles on children’s faces.

“Well, I’m just a jack of all trades, a master of none.”

Kale and Sandy Kvistad have been hard at work over the last few months making hundreds of wooden trucks by hand at their Kendall home.

“We used to make this stuff for grandkids and stuff like that there, and I just got the wild idea, I’d seen somebody else make some little ones, so I thought I’d make some big ones.”

While Kale’s previous work was for his family, these trucks are being made to cheer up families across the Atlantic.

The Kvistads are planning to make 200 trucks to send overseas for Ukrainian children.

“They take your mind off of the things the Russians are doing over there, so I figured it would help out.”

The trucks are not only meant to be a fun toy to play with, they’re also filled with a variety of school supplies.

“There you have the crayons, scissors, pencil for the smokestack, and then there’s an eraser and sharpener on each side on the bottom.”

Kale and Sandy started the project all on their own, but they’ve since received help from the Kendall community, and family members across the country.

“Some of it was donated, but most of it we’ve kind of bought for ourselves, except for the wheels, the legion, they buy the wheels.”

“My daughter has bought a lot of school supplies and my son in Tennessee took up a donation from where he works at the army base down there, and that’ll help.”

Out of the 200 trucks the Kvistads are making, more than 120 have been completed since early June. The next step in the process is figuring out the best way to ship the trucks internationally.

“The Legion is supposed to be working on it, they were talking to the military, but Fort McCoy didn’t have anything going on there, so he was going to expand elsewhere and see what he could come up with.”

The Kvistads are hoping to finish all 200 trucks by November and have them sent out soon after. The Kendall American Legion has also provided school supplies for Kale and Sandy, and the Kendall Public Library is collecting donations for the project as well.