LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – As part of Dairyland Power Cooperative’s environmental stewardship program, Dairyland partnered with West Salem 4th graders to create a new pollinator habitat within West Salem School District’s School Forest. This project not only supports local biodiversity but also engages and educates 4th-grade students in the process. Dairyland provided the necessary resources and expertise including guidance for the development of the pollinator habitat. This habitat is designed to attract and support various pollinators by offering a diverse range of nectar sources and nesting opportunities.

One of the most exciting aspects of this initiative is the direct involvement of West Salem School District’s 4th-grade students. This project gives students the opportunity to learn about the importance of pollinators, the ecosystems they support and the role they play in our food system. Through hands-on experiences, students actively participated in planting and will be directly involved in maintaining, and observing the development of the pollinator habitat, creating a powerful educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.

“We are excited to partner with the West Salem School District on this important initiative,” said Dairyland’s Director of Environmental and Compliance, Brad Foss. “Not only will we be making a positive impact on local biodiversity, but we are also investing in the education and awareness of the next generation of environmental stewards. This project reflects our long-standing commitment to sustainability and community engagement.”

Dairyland provides the wholesale electrical requirements for 24 distribution cooperatives and 27 municipal utilities. These cooperatives and municipals, in turn, supply the energy needs of approximately 700,000 people in the four-state service area. Dairyland delivers electricity via 3,300 miles of transmission lines and 232 substations located throughout the system’s 44,500 square mile service area.

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