United Nations General Assembly by the numbers

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Leaders from around the world joined together in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly. Here are some numbers, from CNN, to help get you up to speed.

The UN General Assembly is made up of 193 member states.

President Donald Trump will make his debut at the 2017 assembly.

From Tuesday, the floor is open to all delegates and speakers are asked to keep their speeches to 15 minutes.

In 1960, Cuban President Fidel Castro delivered a speech that lasted four hours, the longest on record at the UN General Assembly.

All member states contribute to the UN's $2.58 billion dollar budget.

The United States contributes the most overall. This year's contribution is $55.9 million or 22% of the total budget.

One key objective of the UNGA is to create gender equality at the UN by 2028.

According to a 2016 UN report, 143 nations guarantee equality between men and women in their constitutions.