Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) announced the creation of a joint fundraising committee, called Grow the Majority, that will be his principal fundraising apparatus to support Republicans running for House seats. 

The creation of the organization will allow Johnson and his political apparatus to solicit six-figure donations from high-dollar donors and distribute those funds across the 70 committees that make up the new joint fundraising committee.

A release said that includes committees for 25 House GOP incumbents, 10 nominee funds for key House districts, 16 GOP challengers in Democratic-held districts, 20 state GOP parties in battleground states, the Congressional Leadership Fund, Republican National Committee, and Johnson’s committee.

That means donors can give a maximum contribution of $850,600 to the new Grow the Majority committee.

The creation of the committee marks a major development for Johnson on the fundraising and campaign side of his role as Speaker. Before catapulting to being the top-ranking Republican, he had a much smaller fundraising operation.

“Speaker Johnson has hit the ground running to ensure Republicans in critical districts have the resources they need to achieve victory,” Team Johnson Executive Director Billy Constangy said in a statement alongside the announcement of the Grow the Majority committee. “The Speaker is all-in to grow our majority and the creation of this new joint fundraising committee shows he is committed to doing his part to help the team.”