Active Shooter Training For Area Schools


As the school year approaches, school administrators in the La Crosse area are learning skills they hope they never have to use. Erin O’Brien has the story.

An active shooter is every school’s worst nightmare. But today school administrators and police officers from Onalaska and surrounding school districts went through a training program called ‘ALICE’ to learn strategies for stopping an active shooter situation.

“ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. And really what it does is it gives people options to respond in crisis situations. And the whole point of it is to increase survivability.”

The program focuses on proactive responses to dangerous situations, and giving people options to stop a shooter before the police arrive.

“Lockdown isn’t good enough anymore. It hasn’t been good enough for a long time. It was never intended for an inside threat. It was created for outside threats. So we’ve been using something that really is not good for a long time and we’re seeing that as these shootings take place more and more that it’s not good, it’s not increasing survivability. We need to teach people to be their own first responders.”

The participants went through a variety of active shooter simulations in the halls of Onalaska High School. Those drills couldn’t be shown on film for the participants’ privacy, but they say they clearly demonstrated the difference between the ALICE program and traditional lockdown procedures used in the past.

“It opened all of our eyes to how in the education world we need to continue to look at ways to grow and improve, not only to educate our children but keeping them safe.”

In Onalaska, Erin O’Brien, Fox 25 48 News at Nine.

The ALICE training institute is a nationwide program that’s been used in over a thousand police departments and schools since 2001.

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