I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

Household debt in the country has taken its biggest leap in 14-years. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, saying U.S. household debt increased by 313-billion dollars in the second quarter. That’s the biggest jump since 2007. Mortgage, credit card, and auto loan balances all rose. With mortgage balances increasing almost 3-percent from the first quarter.

Lemon lovers, take note. This year’s lemons are smaller, but their market is brighter. Water shortages from drought are making for smaller lemons this year. Yet the market looks brighter for the citrus fruit due to recovering demand for lemons in restaurants and foodservice businesses.

You could soon see restaurants popping up inside Kroger-owned grocery stores. The company is teaming up with Kitchen United to offer on-demand meal pickup and delivery from popular restaurants. They are planning to build so-called “ghost kitchens” inside Kroger grocery stores. Each kitchen will offer food from up to six local, regional, or national restaurants. Customers can select items from any or all of the restaurants to create a customized order on a single receipt. The first kitchen center is opening this fall at a Ralphs Store in Los Angeles.

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