I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

You could be paying more for avocados this year…due to drought conditions in California. This visual says it all. Red plastered across California, with the latest drought monitor showing nearly three quarters of the state is seeing extreme drought conditions. The U.S. saw record avocado imports in January, but issues with a portion of Mexico’s production could cause avocados to be in short supply starting in September.

Debt relief for minority farmers will start coming next month. U-S-D-A announcing it will begin erasing an estimated 4-billion dollars in debt as it seeks to address racial discrimination. The payments are part of the American Rescue Plan, which became law in March. Ag secretary Tom Vilsack says the payments are needed because minority farmers did not have full access to U-S-D-A programs over the last 100-years.

Busch beer is bringing back its limited-edition corn cans, calling it the nectar of the cobs on Twitter! Busch is donating up to 100-thousand dollars to Farm Rescue…which supports American farmers in need.

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