Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Grain commodity markets rising Monday on word Russia has suspended its part of the deal allowing Ukraine to ship grain from its Black Sea ports. Russia’s decision could have effects on already high food prices across the globe. Ukraine and Russia are key global suppliers of wheat, barley, sunflower oil, and other food to countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. NATO and the E-U are asking the Kremlin to reconsider its decision. Over the past two months, nearly 400-ships exported 9-point-2-million metric tons of ag products have been moved under the agreement.

Freight rates are falling as demand softens ahead of the Christmas buying season. The Wall Street Journal reports domestic shipping demand is falling quickly as inflation cools retail demand. Stocks of goods are starting to pile up and that is putting a pause on fresh orders. Spot trucking rates from August to September fell for the first time since 2015.

A sweet tooth helped some Georgia sheriff’s deputies solve a string of burglaries. Coweta County investigators tracked several milky way wrappers to the home of one of the suspects. As a result, seven people were arrested in a string of burglaries of homes and vehicles in the area. They had taken a gun, food, and a bag of miniature Milky Ways. They say most of the crimes happened within walking distance of the suspects’ homes.

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