I’m Tricia Sloma, with today’s AgDay Minute.

There are concerns we could start seeing more food shortages at the grocery store as the new COVID variant takes hold. One Grand Rapids, Michigan-based food supplier, Spartan Nash, told Bloomberg it saw a tripling of COVID cases in recent weeks. It says it is filling orders, but with delays. Food manufacturers are also having issues, with Conagra Brands and Campbell both reporting an uptick in COVID-related absenteeism in their workforce. But Conagra says it has backup plans.

Who are the top landowners in the US? Coming in at number 1 is California’s Emmerson Family. Which owns Sierra Pacific Industries, with more than 2.3 million acres. Number two is media magnate John Malone. CNN’s Ted Turner comes in 4th, and the owner of the LA Rams, Stan Kroenke, is 5th. Other notables are Amazon’s Jeff Bezos at 24th and Microsoft’s Bill Gates at 47th.

The push for electric vehicles is a focus of the Biden Administration, but a new survey says not many Americans may want them right now. Deloitte, a professional services company, says its study found only 10-percent of Americans want electric vehicles, while 69-percent prefer gas, or diesel-powered engines, for their next vehicle.

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