I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

The costs associated with major foodborne illnesses appear to be on the rise. USDA’s Economic Research Service reporting foodborne illnesses in the US rose by 2- billion dollars between 20-13 and 2018. It used medical care costs, lost earnings and people’s wiliness to pay to reduce the risk of dying from foodborne illness to come up with the numbers you see on your screen. The agency saying the biggest factor behind the increase was the effect of inflation and income.

Fast food giant McDonald’s is launching it’s first ever loyalty program next month. The chain allowing customer to earn 100 points for every dollar spend. Then customers can choose different rewards, like food or drinks. McDonald’s started testing the program back in November.

Company leaders say digital sales were nearly 1-point-5 billion dollars in the first quarter via kiosks, mobile apps and delivery platforms.

A dairy farmer is on her way to the Olympics! During the U-S Track and Field Olympic Trials, Ellie Purrier St. Pierre took first place in the final 15- hundred-meter race breaking a 32-year old Olympic trials record in the process. This is file video of her competing in February. This marks the first time the Vermont farm girl fueled by milk will compete in the Olympics.

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