Dairy markets surge on COVID relief


I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay minute.

Washington has now approved a near 900 billion dollar coronavirus aid package and it includes a number of important provisions for agriculture. Within the CoVID aid package are 13 billion dollars in ag funding, much of it for sectors not included in previous aid. It also includes assistance for the biofuels industry and more money for purchases of dairy products. Milk markets surged on Tuesday following the news. Mike North said, “So while this may not perfectly resemble the food box, it’s going to bring government money back into the dairy markets to buy product. And that’s huge. It’s what’s got the milk market up limit right now.”

The USDA announcing plans to roll out a new system for regulating agricultural animals modified or produced by genetic engineering. The plan would end a tug of war between USDA and FDA, now transitioning that oversight to USDA. The pursuit of these technologies is expected to help fight things like animal diseases, feed efficiency, environmental impacts, and food safety. USDA’s rule has a 60-day comment period.

Meanwhile, about nine million Americans get sick and more than 13-hundred people die every year from eating contaminated food. That’s according to a new government report. Salmonella, e-coli, listeria, and campylobacter make people sick most often. The report says no one food was to blame for these outbreaks.

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