Deadly Flooding & Landslides Near the U.S.-Canadian Border


I’m Lauren Moss, with today’s AgDay Minute.

Happening right now, a dangerous and deadly situation just north of the US-Canadian border. Floods and landslides have killed at least one person and cut off rail access to Canada’s largest port in the city of Vancouver. The issues stem from two days of heavy rain across the Pacific Northwest portion of the US that spread into British Columbia. Some areas received 8-inches of rain on Sunday. That’s the amount that usually falls in an entire month.

A farm that sells onions in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania has voluntarily recalled bags of its yellow, white, and red onions because of the risk of salmonella. The company is ‘Alsum Farms and Produce’ out of Wisconsin, but the onions were imported from Mexico. There haven’t been reports of anyone getting sick, and these onions would have been on shelves over the summer. The company decided on the recall just to be safe.

Just start screaming! A newly published study says that’s how Asian honeybees defend themselves from murder hornet invasions. The signals, known as an “antipredator pipe” trigger a response by the bees to defend the colony, including swarming a predator and literally suffocating it. The study says US honeybees don’t appear to use the same strategies.

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