I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

Something new on the farm, robotic vertical farming. Check out this Utah farm. Automated towers grow fresh animal feed using high-efficiency L-E-D and minimal water. The seed-to-harvest process takes only six days and produces 6-thousand pounds of feed per cycle. STEVE LINDSLEY-PRESIDENT, GRŌV TECHNOLOGIES said, “IT CAN GIVE YOU A PREDICTABLE OPTIMIZED CROP EVERY TIME.” The farmers using this technology say it couldn’t have come at a better time, with the pandemic and unpredictable weather affecting supplies. The company that makes the technology says it plans on rolling it out worldwide once they reach an agreement with other farms.

China says it is putting in place “temporary anti-dumping measures” on Australian wine, announcing tariffs of up to 212 percent. Australia’s minister for agriculture expressing “extreme disappointment” in China’s decision. China buys about 42-percent of Australia’s wine exports. The move is the latest in building tensions between the two countries.

Look what happened inside Taiwan’s parliament, with people throwing pig guts. According to state media, opposition lawmakers threw pig intestines over a proposed easing of U.S. pork imports. In August, Taiwan’s president announced the government would allow imports of U.S. pork containing ractopamine. The additive enhances leanness. Taiwan’s president defending the decision, saying it would add more choices in the market.

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