I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

With a flight traveling from Chicago to Washington DC, United Airlines hit a milestone in aviation history by using fuel made from a mixture of corn and sugar-based food scraps. It was United’s first-ever one-hundred percent sustainable aviation fuel flight. United’s CEO says this test could one day combat climate issues. Right now, the industry contributes about three percent globally in carbon emissions. Sustainable aviation fuel cuts emissions by up to 80 percent, but it is up to eight times more expensive than regular fuel and is currently in limited supply.

A new Gallup survey on inflation says 71 percent of Americans making under 40-thousand dollars report they are experiencing hardships due to recent price increases. 28 percent of those Americans describe the hardship as “severe.” For those making about 40 thousand, 47 percent report hardships. Above 100 thousand it’s 21-percent.

McDonald’s is bringing back a fan favorite, the holiday pie. The fast-food giant has released the festive pastry for the past ten years but the areas of availability vary. Fans report spotting the pies in places including Oregon, Illinois, and Texas so far this year. The pies are filled with vanilla custard, baked in a buttery crust, and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

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