I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

You aren’t alone, food and retail workers are also burned out after nearly two years of dealing with the pandemic.  The United Food and Commercial Workers Union says more than 50-thousand retail and grocery workers have been infected or exposed to coronavirus. Now, amid the latest variant, the union sent a letter to more than 60 retail chains calling on them to step-up their safety policies and to offer paid sick leave benefits. This battle rages on as the service industry continues to battle labor shortages.

The interest in cell-cultured meat continues. An Israeli startup called Future Meat just raised nearly $350 million. It’s the largest single fundraiser for a cell-cultured meat company ever, according to AgFunder. The investment includes major U.S. agribusinesses like ADM and Tyson.  Future Meat gained interest after saying it can produce cultivated chicken breast for $7.70 per pound down from $18 dollars a pound six months ago. It plans to use the money to build a production facility in the U.S.

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