I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

It appears rural America is doing better at recovering from unemployment folLowing the pandemic. U-S-D-A’s Economic Research Service, releasing this graphic. Saying prior to the pandemic…employment was growing in metro areas faster than non-metro But after last March, the situation reversed. The agency, saying employment has since largely recovered in both metro and nonmetro areas but remained lower in February…with metro employment almost 6-percent lower.

Nonmetro employment was 3-point-4 percent lower. The first genetically modified salmon are headed to restaurants and dining services in the Midwest and along the East Coast. The fish, engineered by AquaBounty is raised in Albany, Indiana. They grow twice as fast as wild salmon, reaching market size in just 18-months. Sales of the fish were delayed due to the pandemic.

Lots of people hitting the road this holiday weekend. The Renewable Fuels Association is sponsoring its Ethanol Days of Summer contest. It encourages people to submit pump prices for flex fuels like E-85 and E-15 to a website cal ed E-85-prices-dot-com or through its mobile app. Once you do you are entered into a weekly drawing for a 100-dollar fuel gift card. The contest officially starts on Memorial Day.

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