I’m Clinton Griffiths, with today’s AgDay Minute.

Global food prices now sit at an all-time high. “The UN Food and Agriculture Organization” reports that they increased 3.9-percent last month in February to an all-time high. They now sit at more than 20-percent higher than they were just a year ago. Only sugar prices saw a decline. And it says the bulk of impacts from the Russia-Ukraine crisis won’t be reflected until next month’s survey. “The World Food Programme” already anticipates costs rising anywhere from 60 million to 75 million dollars more per month.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing a popular line of vodka to rebrand itself. The maker of Stolichnaya Vodka says it will now be sold simply as ‘Stoli.’ Stoli group’s founder, a Russian-born billionaire, says the move is in response to his quote ‘vehement position’ against the Putin regime and the invasion. The company is now emphasizing the vodka’s Latvian roots and Slovakian sources.

A new study is raising awareness and concerns about college students’ mental health following two years of pandemic stress. This comes from the “Agricultural and Applied Economics Association”. Researchers found more than 40-percent of ag undergraduate students were likely suffering from moderate to severe depression after the first wave of the pandemic.

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