I’m Tyne Morgan with today’s AgDay Minute.

Last year it was shoppers stockpiling now apparently its the supermarkets themselves. The Wall Street Journal, reporting grocery stores are stocking up on staples, everything from sugar to frozen meat before inflation drives their prices up even higher. Associated Wholesale Grocers, the nation’s largest wholesaler for more than 3-thousand grocery stores, saying it has recently purchased as much as 20-percent more inventory. The trend among grocers is a reversal from the onset of the pandemic last year, when consumers hoarded groceries amid concerns over food shortages.

Apparently, many summer jobs on the farm are being left vacant. The California Farm Bureau reporting a national survey shows the average age of the farm workforce is going up. California farmers say young people don’t think much about farm work anymore. One farmer says young people aren’t as likely to have a farmer in the family.

Not something you would expect to see in the middle of New York City’s busy Time Square, thousands of bees! They were spotted buzzing around a hot dog stand. A New York City Police officer, who also is a bee specialist responded to the call. He posted this video to Twitter of him working to trap the swarm.

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