I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

Coming to you from this year’s Commodity Classic in New Orleans. The free school meals program for all students may be coming to an end. The new Congressional spending bill does not include an extension to the waivers program. The waivers were authorized at the start of the pandemic. The program lets schools give out free meals to all students, regardless of their family’s income. USDA says about 30 million students are receiving free school meals. That’s up 20 million from before the pandemic. Some lawmakers are pushing to extend the waivers for another year.

Higher gas prices are just adding to the bottom line of households right now. One consulting firm says households will spend 850-dollars more this year compared to last year. That’s if gas prices remain above 4-dollars a gallon for most of the year. Last year, costs rose 940-dollars from 2020.

And media company “Talker” reports one in five American men want the mullet to make a comeback. It reports a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of SportsClips found that 20-percent want the once-popular hairstyle brought back. That’s followed by the 90’s curtain bangs at 15-percent, and the 2010s undercut at 10-percent. It also says that two-thirds of men have tried a hair trend that later embarrassed them.

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